Turn On – Lightning Part 3 (Multi-Select Picklist)

ui:inputSelect component can be used both for Single Selection and Multiple Selection values by setting the attribute "multipe=true" for the multi-selection, by default it is single list selection. Here, we will replicate how the standard multi-picklist field looks like in the lightning component. You can view this in action here: Step 1: Identify the object [...]


Turn On – Lightning Part 2 (Dynamic Creating Component)

Display the list of components and create a dynamic component based on the button click. Scenario: Display the list of lightning components as buttons and display the component in action on respective button click. Step 1: Creating individual lightning components as required and storing the component names in an object. Step 2:Create a Apex Controller [...]

Turn On – Lightning Part 1

Lightning, Lightning and everywhere Lightning is a next generation UI optimized for speed and it is instantly available from winter 16 onwards. What is Lightning Component Framework? It’s a UI Framework built on the Open Source Aura Framework for developing dynamic web apps which are readily available for mobile and desktop devices which helps us in [...]