Relationship between Topics

At present, Topic + SubTopic feature is only supported in Communities. This can be achieved by Navigational Topics where you can specify SubTopics for the relevant Topics which helps a lot in finding the relevant data.

So, how to create Topic and SubTopic? – I will not be going in detail as it can be done with just few Point-N -Clicks :), anyhow here is the link.

But I will be sharing a code snippet which gives you list of sub-topics mapped against the respective topics (you can modify as you like)

In order to achieve this, Salesforce provides a set of classes (under ConnectAPI namespace) which can be used to identify the relationship between topics and their subtopics.

Here is a list of available classes present in ConnectApi Namespace. Out of this list I will be using “ManagedTopics” and “Topics” Class.

Pre-requisite: Community should be enabled and few topics and sub-topics are created using the UI as per the link shared above.

Step 1: Identifying the community Id

SELECT Id, Name, Description, Status FROM Network

Step 2: Pulling the list of available topics present for a specific community

public Map<String, ConnectAPI.Topic> getAllTopics(String communityId){
ConnectAPI.TopicPage tPage = ConnectAPI.Topics.getTopics(communityId);
Map<String, ConnectAPI.Topic> allTopicsMap =
          new Map<String, ConnectAPI.Topic>();

for(ConnectAPI.Topic topic : tPage.topics){
allTopicsMap.put(topic.Name, topic);
system.debug('topic key ' + allTopicsMap.keySet());

Step 3: Building the List of subtopics for respective Parent and Child topics for the respective community

<pre>public  void getParentChildSubTopics(String communityId, Integer depth){
ConnectApi.ManagedTopicCollection  managedTopic =
// you can set this map in constructor and can return this varible
Map<String, Map<String, List<String>>> pChildSubChildTopicsMap =
new Map<String, Map<String, List<String>>>();
Map<String, List<String>> childTopicsMap;
List<String> subChildTopicslist;

for(ConnectApi.ManagedTopic parentTopic : managedTopic.managedTopics){
childTopicsMap = new Map<String, List<String>>();
for(ConnectApi.ManagedTopic childTopic : parentTopic.children){
subChildTopicslist = new List<String>();
for(ConnectApi.ManagedTopic subChildTopic : childTopic.children){
childTopicsMap.put(childTopic.Topic.Name, subChildTopicslist);
pChildSubChildTopicsMap.put(parentTopic.Topic.Name, childTopicsMap);
//system.debug('parent ' + pChildSubChildTopicsMap.keyset());
//system.debug('Child ' + pChildSubChildTopicsMap.get('Google').keyset());
//system.debug('Sub-Child ' + pChildSubChildTopicsMap.get('Google').get('Gmail'));


1) Sub-Child will be empty list if Child doesn’t have any subtopics to it.

2) And from Step 2, you can access all properties of ConnectApi.Topic by passing the Topic Name.


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